Ri Lindegren
embodied, performance, and user-centered design

My name is Ri (like whee with an R) and I am a multimedia performance and event consultant by day, and a dancer, yoga practitioner, and media maven by night.

My passion is bringing conscious awareness of movement into interactions with technology, spaces, and people.

Basically, I enjoy choreographing logistics, solving spatial puzzles, and reading the emotions and internal workings of the people in a room. 

What kind of work do you really do then?

Glad you asked! 
I work across the arts, with performers, nonprofits, and small businesses to understand how they want to be seen and best practices for integrating technology into their events, shows, and installations.
I am obsessed with trying to rethink how inclusion, diversity, equity, and access (i.d.e.a.) can be remixed and uplifted into the technological and performance spheres.